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Akron-based short film, SPIRITS, to premiere at Highland Theater Nov. 30

Akron, OH – SPIRITS, a new, independent short film made in Akron, will make its public debut at Akron’s Highland Theater in November. Created by Akron couple Blue Green and Joanne Green, SPIRITS is about the “consumption of, loss of and protection of spirits,” according to the movie’s tagline. A premiere party for SPIRITS, will be held at Highland Theater on Friday, November 30 at 9:30 pm. Doors open at 9:15. The public is welcome. Tickets are $5.

SPIRITS was produced with a completely volunteer cast and crew from the greater Akron area. It was directed by Blue Green and written by Joanne Green and Chris Miller with music by Chad Jenson. The main characters are played Jim Nezbeth, Tony Lee, Dan McCoy and James Rhodes. The full cast is on the SPIRITS website.

According to head writer and co-producer Joanne Green, “SPIRITS was somewhat of an experiment in producing high-quality, low-cost films in Akron using donated set locations and enlisting the support of dedicated, local citizens.”

“SPIRITS is sort of a stepping stone for a larger project that’s in development,” said SPIRITS director and co-producer Blue Green. “This was an opportunity to do something that I love, and hone the skills of my core production crew for some bigger, more complicated projects in the works. We learned a lot through the process and met some really talented, local people. It was a great experience.”

According to the website, SPIRITS is a slice-of-life film that has the viewer dropping in on main character Bruce as he falls into a stupor at the end of a very late night of heavy drinking in what appears to be his regular, neighborhood haunt. It follows Bruce on the one-year anniversary of a personal tragedy as his buddies try to keep him from drinking himself to death, either by drowning or driving; and his bartender keeps him tottering on the brink of reality. He’s lucky he lived through the last year. He’ll be lucky if he makes it home alive.

“The idea for SPIRITS the movie was originally developed by Blue,” said Joanne Green. “It’s based on a series of ‘what ifs’ associated with an ancient belief in a direct relationship between the consumption of alcohol and literal spirits.”

Green continued, “In the distant past, before science was really scientific, most cultures believed that pretty much everything was magical, including alcohol, which was believed to be made of actual spirits. The word alcohol comes from the Arabic ‘al-kuhl’. Alchemists named it after a ‘body-eating’ spirit because of how they felt when they consumed alcohol; how it deadened their senses and seemed to take their bodies.”

SPIRITS will premiere at the Highland Theater in Akron’s Highland Square neighborhood at 9:30 pm on Friday, November 30th. It will be shown during a special premiere party that is open to the public. The SPIRITS premiere party will feature door prizes, a raffle, and a post-concert panel discussion with the director, writer and members of the cast and crew. Guests will also enjoy local music entertainment with selections from the SPIRITS soundtrack. A cash bar and other refreshments will also be available. Tickets are $5 each. They will be available at the door and can also be purchased online or phone.

“We really enjoyed making SPIRITS. It was a great way to bring people together that are interested in making movies, but don’t have a lot of access to these types of opportunities in Akron,” said Blue Green. “I’ve met a lot of people that are hungry for hands-on production opportunities like this. We’re just trying to do our part to fulfill that need.”

Opportunities to sponsor the SPIRITS premiere are also available. Packages start at $50 and include tickets, as well as other incentives. Donations of products and services are also welcome for the raffle grand prize package. Those who are interested in sponsoring SPIRITS the movie or donating to the raffle should contact Joanne Green at 330-573-3631.

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