Welcome to SPIRITS the movie, a short film about the consumption of, loss of and protection of spirits. The Premiere Party for SPIRITS the movie takes place at Highland Theater on Friday, November 30 at 9:30 pm. Doors open at 9:15 pm.  Tickets are $5. It’s open to the public. All are welcome.

SPIRITS is a short, slice-of-life film that has the viewer dropping in on Bruce as he falls into a stupor at the end of a very late night of heavy drinking in what appears to be his regular, neighborhood haunt. It follows Bruce on the one year anniversary of some personal tragedy as his buddies try to keep him from drinking himself to death, either by drowning or driving; and his bartender keeps him tottering on the brink of reality. He’s lucky he lived through the last year. He’ll be lucky if he makes it home alive.

SPIRITS was completely created, filmed and based in Akron, Ohio by Blue Green (director) and Joanne Green (writer) with music by Chad Jenson. The main characters are played Jim Nezbeth, Tony Lee, Dan McCoy and James Rhodes. It is somewhat of an experiment in the production of high-quality, low-budget local films using an all-volunteer cast and crew and donated set locations. The complete cast and crew listing is here.